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Our Vision


Our success is 100% dependent on our ability and willingness to consistently serve our customers, above and beyond the call.  In addition to day-to-day questions and troubleshooting, we are committed to keeping our clients up to date on all compliance, security safeguards, and best practices.  We envision long-lasting, reliable and powerful alliances with our clients and partners, always helping control costs, while expanding their market share.




Our History


After working 8 years in sales and training for one of the largest processors in the world, Jason Bundy joined start up company IMA in 2003.  With tremendous growth over the next 9 years, the need for more presence in the SouthEast became apparent; so, in 2012 Jason started IMA SE with a local sales staff of 6 and an office support staff of 6.  The office staff has over 100 years of industry experience, and the sales staff has over 75 years of experience, for over a combined 175+ years experience.  Our ability to evolve and grow in this ever changing industry helps position IMA SE into a premier business solutions consulting firm, offering multiple business services and products to clients of all types and sizes.



Our Philosophy


Our clients and their customers can rely on us to keep their information safe and secure while we help them manage their data effectively.  Underlying all that we do as a company remains our strong and original belief - that we will only be  successful as the clients we serve thrive.

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