Credit Card Processing

IMA SE’s credit card processing solutions offer merchants of all sizes and types access to a safe and reliable way to increase sales while meeting the diverse needs of today’s consumer base.  IMA SE’s connectivity to many of the top processing platforms in the payment processing industry make it possible for IMA SE to evaluate, assess, and find the most competitive rates and fees for our customers. 

   Electronic Gift Cards

Gift cards are powerful and cost effective promotional tools that merchants can use to build brand awareness while increasing and retaining sales.  Gift cards look and act like credit cards but they have the business's name and logo on them.  Customers purchase a gift card in any denomination they wish for them to use themselves at a later date, or for them to give to family or friends as gifts.


Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance offers business owners access to an alternative, short term and cost effective source of working capital that can be used to:  purchase new equipment, restock inventory, payoff existing debt, cushion against slow periods, expand or renovate, enhance marketing, etc.  Unlike with traditional bank loans, a merchant cash advance prepays a merchant their future credit card receivables in one lump sum at the outset of an MCA agreement.  In return, the merchant agrees to allow the MCA provider to deduct a small portion from the merchant's daily deposits until the mutually agreed upon payback amount is paid in full.

    Small Business Loans

For many merchants, getting a traditional bank loan isn’t always the best solution because the process often involves a lengthy application process coupled with minimum FICO scores and asset collateral requirements.  IMA’s small business loan solution helps secure access to an alternative, short term and cost effective source of working capital that can be used to:  purchase new equipment, restock inventory, payoff existing debt, cushion against slow periods, expand or renovate, enhance marketing, etc.  Unlike with a merchant cash advance the amount a merchant can qualify for is based on their business's total gross sales and cash flow instead of being based solely on the business's credit card sales.  IMA SE’s small business loan solution offers merchants a streamlined application process with minimal paperwork, simple and affordable repayment terms, high approval rates, easy renewal terms and immediate funding.


      Payroll Processing

The payroll process is a complex and highly important process for a business. Adhering to the ever-changing state and federal tax code requirements is a necessity, which is why many companies find it advantageous and less expensive to outsource all aspects of their payroll needs to industry experts.  IMA SE’s full service payroll solutions offers merchants the following benefits:  timely and efficient processing of all payroll functions, ongoing access to an American Payroll Association certified Payroll Specialist, access to a fully integrated HR Support Center that offers unlimited and personalized HR support from experienced HR professionals, and  access to a fully integrated time and attendance solution.   


     ATM Machines

Placing an ATM in your business provides convenience for your customers while enabling a merchant to create a new profit center for their business.  Merchants who invest in an ATM are known to experience increased customer traffic, increased sales revenues, and reduced credit card fees while being able to collect surcharge revenues.


       ACH Processing

ACH payments are simple electronic transfers of funds from one bank account to another.  Accepting ACH transactions as a payment method enables check-accepting merchants to get paid quicker while eliminating the need to drive to the bank to deposit paper checks.  An additional benefit of ACH processing is that merchants are able to electronically accept recurring payments from customers who make payments on a regular cycle.

      Check Services

Paying by check continues to be a preferred payment alternative for many of today’s consumers who don’t carry cash or use credit.  However, accepting checks as a form of payment can be a very risky proposition for merchants with the rise of check fraud and identity theft in today’s marketplace.  A check verification and guarantee solution offers merchants access to the tools they need to make educated decisions within seconds at the point of sale about whether or not they should accept a consumer’s check.  IMA SE’s suite of check services offers merchants the ability to accept more checks with greater peace of mind whether the merchant’s point of sale solution involves a traditional terminal, the phone, or the internet.

PIN Based Debit Processing

A PIN based debit card transaction requires that cardholders enter a personal identification number into a point of sale device when paying for products or services.  Retail merchants benefit from this processing method because payment is guaranteed with minimal transaction fees, reduced settlement float, and because funds are more secure for the merchant with the elimination of credit card chargebacks.

POS Sales Equipment
Sales & Support

Choosing the right point-of-sale technology is important for merchants who want to keep their overall processing costs low.  With IMA’s connectivity to 5 of the top processing systems in the country, IMA SE is able to support the ever-changing and varying needs of more merchants when it comes to point of sale technology.  Our technology solutions are compatible with the major terminal manufacturers, payment gateways, mobile / tablet solutions, and POS software providers in the markets we serve.  IMA SE new terminal deployments are always fully compliant with current industry security standards.

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