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Sales Agent Program


Integrated Merchant Alliance Southeast LLC continues to transform into a beacon of new clarity and open-mindedness, to our employees, our agents and as well as our customers.  If you've had enough with quotas, micro-management, insincerity and indifference, and want to work for a company with real people and real values, look no further than IMA.


Without boundaries and without fail, becoming your best will always be celebrated here, never stalled.  Our next ventures as a growing company are sure to be dynamic.


Offerings include:


  • Management team with over 75 years of combined experience in payments, including sales and sales management, training, account management, strategic market and alliance development.


  • Long-standing access to, and experience with, multiple national payment platforms, ensuring very few POS terminal or industry limitations.


  • Industry leading, life-of-the-account residual splits and profit-sharing on each business product: processing, payroll services, funding, software, POS equipment, ATMs, etc.


  • Truly consultative sales approach: Every contract and every strategic partnership is individually considered, with your input.


  • Clear, honest and spirited communication, from day one.


  • Personalized training, service and support, provided by the home office.


To inquire about partnering with IMA SE nationwide, please contact us at 888.411.4462, or email us at



"I've been a Sales Agent with IMA SE for 5 years, and can honestly say my daily interaction with them has always been better than excellent. IMA's team is professional, and always provides timely and accurate responses to questions and needs that I or my customers have.  They are truly a caring, helpful company, and they continue to demonstrate this to me on a regular basis."


Sonia C.

Sr. Merchant Sales Agent


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