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Partner Support


IMA SE is committed to your success, and we know there is a lot that has to happen behind the scenes to help acquire and maintain new customers.  We’ll provide you with all the tools necessary to sell products and services, set up accounts quickly, and troubleshoot support issues.  We do this through training and dedicated product and terminal support.  We understand that you are the face of IMA SE and we want to ensure you are empowered with all the tools to make you successful.


  • Service—providing dedicated sales support to partners for questions regarding equipment, product information, transaction details, fees, qualifications/rates, risk, applications, and customer service escalation.


  • Terminal Deployment—IMA SE downloads and delivers new/refurbished terminals on behalf of the partner.


  • Cost Analysis—merchant statement analysis can be time consuming and we provide detailed statement analysis so the partner can do what they do best and develop relationships.


  • Control over your portfolio—notification on rate changes, industry changes, equipment updates, and client calls.


  • Reporting—detailed monthly portfolio reporting.



Industry Resource Links

We diligently provide our Clients and Partners with upcoming changes in the industry, Visa and MasterCard Interchange Costs, new products, equipment mandates, and PCI updates. These Interchange links are examples of the kinds of information we make available to our clients:


Visa Interchange      MasterCard Interchange      EMV      ApplePay



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