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In an effort to provide the best possible merchant services, IMA SE makes the following commitments to our customers:


IMA SE will never:

   • Charge termination fees

   • Charge a monthly minimum

   • Charge an “Annual Membership” fee

   • Increase our profit margins

   • Lease equipment (we will provide cost effective payment solutions)


IMA SE will provide prompt local support for our customers:

   • Install and train on point of sale equipment

   • Customer support to help better understand merchant statements

   • Explain how MasterCard's and Visa’s rates and fees are incurred

   • Trouble-shoot point of sale equipment

   • Assist with PCI DSS Certification


IMA SE takes great pride in providing exceptionally low rates and fees with an extraordinary high level of customer service.


IMA SE will disclose ALL rates and fees before the contract is signed.


OUR GOAL is to provide the best possible program ensuring a long term relationship that benefits our customer!



C. Jason Bundy

President, IMA SE

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